Do you repair tablet and phone screens?

Not at this time.

How quickly can you repair my computer?

Most repairs take 24 -48 hours, however if specialist parts are required it could be longer.

Do you offer a same day repair service?

Yes we do. However we charge an extra £15 for this service.

Can you replace laptop screens?

Yes we can replace laptop screens which are not touch screens. We carry most screen sizes in stock.

Do you provide any warranty?

Warranty on new parts is 12 months. THere is only 30 days warranty on second hand parts. This does not include the labour element of the repair however.

What happens if my normal icons or programs are missing from my desktop when I go to use my computer after repair?

Bring the computer back to us and we will endeavour to get you back to where you want to be.

Do I need to back up my computer prior to repair?

>It is always a good idea to backup your computer. However the repairs we generally carry out are non-intrusive and shouldn’t affect any data on your device.