lost data recoveryYour data is the most valuable part of your computer and when your hard drive no longer works you can lose all your documents, photographs, videos and music. We have succesfully recovered data from hard drives, pen drives, memory sticks, flash drives and memory cards. We offer a low cost assessment and data recovery service at just £35.00. When we have the results of the assessment we will contact you with a firm price for recovering your data which is purely dependant on the estimated time spent recovering the data and the cost of the recovery media. Our experience shows that at least 70% of all drives submitted for data recovery are fully recovered. However drives with physical damage will take longer to recover.

When you send your drive to us please make sure that it is well protected as it could suffer further damage in transit which will make it less likely that we will succeed in recovering your data.

In the first instance you will need to call us to book your repair and pay the assessment fee.

We cannot recover data drom SSD drives currently

Call the The Computer Repair Centre on 02392 461 012 to arrange your repair.