router Internet BroadbandWe work with the all the major Internet Service Providers to ensure that you have the fastest most reliable broadband available in your area. We can arrange a visit to your home or business to diagnose test and repair all broadband and internet access issues or problems. We also liaise with your internet service provider if necessary to ensure that you get a fast resolution to your problem. If your wireless signal is weak in areas of your house or office we have a range of solutions including higher powered routers, wireless range extenders, powerline adaptors and for commercial premises commercial range extenders. It is also possible to install the latest structured cabling into offices and new homes. Whatever the problem, we can help you to a positive conclusion! We can often provide a same day callout service at probably the best price locally.

If you are experiencing any problems with your internet connection such as printing issues, email errors, excessive spam, dropping internet connection, can’t open web pages or just general slowness and lack of response.

We also install new printers on wireless networks and can setup ipads and tablets to use them. We also supply and install internet broadband routers.

The area we cover is the PO postcode area excluding the Isle of Wight.

Typically BT charge £135.00 if they prove that the fault with your internet is the internal wiring or the router if not supplied by BT or your computer if it is infected with viruses or malware. Our charges including callout and the first hour labour is only £40.00 – 90% of repairs are completed in the first hour.

We offer best service in installation, repair, recovery and security