broken screenWe offer a same day replacement screen service for all 15.6″ LED screens and a next day replacement service for all other sizes. The screen size is measured corner to corner of the display area in inches. Typical screen sizes are 10″ 10.1″, 11″ 13″ 13.3″ 14″ and 15.4″.

Your screen type may be a glossy or matt finish. Wherever possible we will replace like for like.

Indications of a broken laptop screen may not always be obvious and your laptop screen may only have as little as a single line running across either vertically or horizontally.

If a laptop screen changes display when you move the lid open and closed so that it looks like it might be broken it is possible that damage to the screen cable has ocurred and will require replacement. This is much less expensive to replace than the laptop screen.

All screens we use are A+ grade new screens with 12 months manufacturers warranty. When we replace the screen we also check for dead pixels to ensure that you get a quality repair and the best visual experience from your laptop computer.

Whilst replacing your screen we endeavour to cause the least possible damage to the screen bezel and screen back plastics. On occasion when we strip the screen out we do find other damage which may result in additional parts being required. We will advise you of any additional costs prior to carrying out the repair.

Older laptops typically more than 7 years old may have LCD displays. These displays are no longer manufactured and any replacement would be with a second hand unit.

We can often provide a same day callout service at probably the best price locally.

If you are experiencing any problems with your laptop, notebook or netbook such as printing issues, email errors, excessive spam, dropping internet connection, can’t open web pages or just general slowness and lack of response.

Call the The Computer Repair Centre on 02392 461 012 to book your repair now.