We all know that surfing the internet is a risky business and that we shouldn’t open emails from unknown senders. It is a known fact that Anti-Virus software cannot possibly protect our personal computers and laptops simply because the anti-virus companies can only react to a threat when its eventually brought to their attention. Additionally most anti-virus software does not protect against malware, spyware, adware, ransomware and any other ware there may be. There seems to be a new “ware” almost every other month.

If your computer or laptop is exhibiting any of the behaviours below then it needs to be checked over by our highly skilled technicians :

  • Unable to boot properly
  • User profile error
  • Keeps looping back to the initial boot screen
  • Unknown programs on your desktop
  • Error messages when starting up
  • Computer seeems slow to respond
  • Blue Screens with error messages
  • Windows updates not installing
  • Cannot open programs that used to work
  • Cannot open documents
  • Redirection to unwanted websites when browsing the internet
  • Pop ups
  • Home page is not what it used to be
  • Slow on the internet
  • Default search engine changed
  • Devices in device manager showing a problem
  • Program pops up on screen and shows you lots of errors
  • Wireless not working
  • Lost files and folders
  • Anything else that isnt normal behaviour


We have our own purpose built component level repair workshops where we carry out all repairs in-house which allows us to complete your repair in the fastest possible time.

Call the The Computer Repair Centre on 02392 461 012 to book your home visit or workshop repair now.